Film, television and football (I refuse to use the s-word) journalist who currently scribes for Yahoo! Movies, The Inquisitr, and Cinema Blend.

During my trials and tribulations as a freelancer I’ve been lucky enough to write for Total Film, The Guardian, Bleacher Report and The Comic Bible, while I’ve attended various film festivals, including BFI’s LFF, and interviewed several members of the Hollywood elite, including the lingual tornado that is Brian Blessed.

My scriptwriting abilities have also seen me signed to the Lez Barstow Literary Agency.

I’ve also been known to use my almost perverse knowledge of football to cover the English Premier League, every other prominent European league – even Scotland, tactical innovations, and the history of the game, while I often find myself contemplating if Cristiano Ronaldo is actually of this earth.

Other than watching too many, too much television and YouTube clips of Tony Yeboah’s most memorable goals, I spend most of my day drinking too much television.

If you’d like to contact me you can send queries to gregorywakeman@live.com or, if you’re so inclined, you can call me on 646-706-3118.